Category: Analytics

NEURAL NETWORKS In this example, advanced mathematical solutions were built to automate the defectoscopy for a mid-stream company. By collecting different datasets for analysis from their pipeline assets, the model discovered defects as well as determined their type and size. Neural networks and probabilistic trees were used to discover anomalies in magnetic flux leakage and […]

OPERATIONAL & ASSET OPTIMIZATION – PREDICTIVE Using mathematical models and algorithms that use real-time data to anticipate future downtime events, our platform gives clients time to invoke countermeasures to proactively prevent plan and prevent unscheduled outages and possible downtime. In this client example, we use the sensor data to ‚Äčtrain‚Äč a model on the correlations […]

Innovation that will drive efficiency & reduce operational costs while managing risk and maintaining safety. Unscheduled downtime or outages can cost asset owners and managers Millions $ per day. More than half of such incidents are due to various types of mechanical failures. On top of this, poor information management is a hidden cost that […]