Experience & Expertise That Drives Value

At UNEE we are extremely fortunate to work with clients who are leaders in their industries. The teams, the projects, and the collaboration we are part of have helped us build and develop a powerful portfolio of products and expertise. And this portfolio gives us every confidence we are the right fit for your data analytics, intelligence, and visualization needs.

Our Company

  1. UNEE Comes to life.

    Founded on the premise there had to be a better way of building analytic engines that was faster and cheaper.

  2. Our first enterprise knowledge graphs come online.

    In working with our technology partner, Capsenta, our first knowledge graph begins to come to fruition.

  3. Our knowledge engine methodology begins to mature.

    In proving out our methodology and technology with some early adopters, our platform begins to provide value for all types of business problems.

  4. New marine analytics platform deployed.

    Our new self service marine analytics platform is deployed into production and provides insight that has immediate impact on demurrage reduction operational effeciencies.

  5. More, new smart data models emerge.

    As new clients bring on new problems, our knowledge engine begins to mature and expand into other areas like IoT and compliance data reporting.

  6. Enter into new downstream markets.

    Given the challenging year, UNEE was still fortunate enough to continue to move into new markets.

  7. What's next?

    New year, new normal. Very much looking forward to finding new ways to leverage technology for a better future.

  8. Here We Go!

Our Team