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Business intelligence drives transparency.

Data analytics drives transparency for reduced operational costs, demurrage savings, and capital expense reduction. Our client increased dock utilization while saving over $50M in Capex by leveraging data to optimize operations and avoid unnecessary infrastructure expansion.

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New ways of leveraging data for smarter operations.

UNEE’S unique data governance and analysis platform drives true business value that comes from selectively blending ’trapped data’ within existing applications into a portfolio of strategic applications and analytics. We help improve productivity, reduce risks, and enhance services, to deliver positive top and bottom-line results.


Our Methodology

How We Work

Knowledge Capture

Collaborative client engagement to develop a universal business vocabulary.

Knowledge Implementation

Develop and deploy a business knowledge engine.

Knowledge Scaling

Continued knowledge expansion and self-service. Get the most out of your data.

What We Do

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Knowledge engineering for advanced data relationship models.
Custom analytics, AI, and ML for large asset management.
Advanced data visualization and presentation.
Predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, custom development, and data governance.